Why Us

This is how we add value

Each variety is subject to strict productivity, color, vase life and travel durability tests. This process is made hand-in-hand with feedback from our customers. Once in production, our flowers are processed via firm and proven hydration methods to ensure each stems has the necessary reserves for travel. This hydration process consists in an irrigation system preformed with clear tap water processed at our farm, that guarantees 100% accuracy for best outcomes. Our processing team is highly trained to the quality and consistency demands of each of our very selective markets.

Strong Colors

Our unique position next to the Equator provides our flowers with unparalleled, year-round luminosity.  This exposure to sunlight allows our flowers to show the industry’s most marked and vibrant colors- highly visible upon arrival and long lasting throughout the long life of our roses.

Organic Oriented

We are committed to our soil and people. After all, we believe that a harmony with the environment is not just the best – but only – way to produce the world’s best roses. We have identified areas where 100% organic protocols exceed the efficacy of commonly used chemicals.  We rely exclusively on organic practices to combat such issues as botrytis through biocontrols, waste water decontamination through botanical filters,  ground fertilization through waste-enriched composting, among many other practices.  We never use red-label chemicals


Our team is composed by some of the longest-tenured professionals in the Ecuadorian flower industry.  We have created a win-win situation, as the company strives by having the most technically proficient and skilled labor, and every employee wins with our exceptional satisfaction and retention programs.

Enviromental Sensitive

Rainforest Flor Ecuador Basc

Our focus is heavily biased towards organic and sustainable practices, and we resort to the use of mild chemicals only when there is a true necessity of such. 

As members of Flor Ecuador and Rainforest Alliance, we also comply with strict social and labor guidelines – conditions which have a growing importance to the American and European market.


Cut Flowers quality is deeply related with the use of technology during its growing process. A well balanced and correctly administrated nutrition has a vital importance, so it´s necessary to have a constant and meticulous monitoring process of: Soil water surface tension, relative humidity, nutrient concentration among other climate variables that affect growth, productivity and production qualities.

We use Israelite and Italian technology that allows us to measure these variables with very high precision, using state of the art sensors and integrated computing systems. As a result, we have a healthy, well hydrated product, ready to easily endure the journey from our greenhouses to places the nearest locations like US, distant countries like Siberia, or as Exotic as the Caribbean Islands.

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