We are Fiorentina Flowers, an Ecuadorian rose farm with over 25 years of experience, producing over 27 million rose stems a year in a customer-curated assortment of premium varieties.

Our focus is heavily biased towards organic and sustainable practices.  As members of Flor Ecuador, BASC and Rainforest Alliance, we also comply with strict social and labor guidelines – conditions which have a growing importance to the American and European market, but that most importantly, allow us to be proud and confident in what we do.

We currently serve markets all over the world, including North America, Europe, and Asia.

Versatile Fulfillment

At Florentina Flowers we are versatile in our operation, satisfying the needs of small wholesalers as well as large importers, and handle our product through whichever supply chain is convenient to each customer: door-to-door, CIF Miami, FOB Quito, etc.

Door - to -door

CIF Miami

FOB Quito

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